De La Cruz Live @ The Beergarden, Gold Coast.

I have had requests for more De La Cruz shots from this show so here are some more, enjoy.

Sydonia Live @ The Crow Bar







A few shots from Sydonia’s show at The Crow Bar on 31st August, I hope you enjoy.

Few pics from a few recent trips for you all to have a look at.

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New Clip From South Trip.

Here is a clip from a trip last week down to the south east coast of australia. Hope you like.

Click The Link To Watch!

Cade Sharp Funkshen 2012

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Spontaneous Trip South.

A few of us are leaving tonight on a trip south to hopefully score some good waves, i can’t update whilst I’m down there as there isn’t access to computers. Follow me on Instagram @devilschildrenmedia for up to date pictures of the whole trip. when i return i will update this page. hope everyone gets some waves of their own.

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New Board Session

Went out to film Dylan Lee try out his new pro model this morning got a few fun turns but we need a good swell,

looks like there’s one incoming on monday.

Still got some rad shots to come up from De La Cruz last week

As well as some good ones from Sydonia playing in brisbane the week before.

Stay tuned..

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We Drove.



An update from the morning of the 10th, we headed down to find some waves and fun waves we found,

been a while since we got some waves with a little size so everyone was siked to see it all. Some very usable footage was taken.

Heres a shot on the rocks before the session….

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